How to use Patterns


To make BC Patterns work on your website, you need:

  • to be running WordPress version 5.9 or above;
  • to use BC Cosmos (based on Bootstrap 5) theme.


BC Patterns plugin development has been put on hold until further notice and is not recommended to be used

You can read about the recommended way of using patterns below


In order to insert a pattern on a page of your website, please:

  1. Visit
  1. Find a pattern that you would like to use by browsing the list

NOTE: Some patterns may have dependencies, without which it won’t display content as intended. In such case, you can check the dependencies below the title of each pattern

NOTE: To find the pattern quickly, you can use Filter by category and Filter by tag options to only see patterns that include selected categories and tags

  1. Copy the pattern by clicking on the Copy button
  1. Once the pattern is copied, button text will be changed to Copied

NOTE: In some cases, clicking the Copy button will, in addition to copying the pattern itself, display a popup with some additional info and/or suggestions on how to use it, best practices, etc.

NOTE: Alternatively, you can preview the pattern first by clicking on the card itself. There, you will have a Copy Pattern button available with the same functionality as Copy button

  1. You can now insert the pattern by pasting it within empty (Paragraph) block in Gutenberg editor, either with keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + V) or cursor (Right-click > Paste)
  1. Additionally, if needed, you can edit the settings of any of the blocks within the pattern (selecting different blocks may show different options on the right)